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DJ Adaa – The Lone-Wolf of the DJ industry

DJ Adaa – The Lone Wolf of the DJ industry

The One Women Army or the Lone Wolf of the industry is a name that everyone in the business recognizes. This influential female artist, DJ Adaa has always outdated monopolistic artists and continues to fight all the odds alone.

She is one of the most powerful female artists in India. Having created history in her way, her upcoming events and music will blow your minds.

Despite all the challenges she faces, she continues to be one of the most sought-after artists in the country. Her music is soulful and her performances are electrifying, leaving everyone mesmerized.

She is a force to be reckoned with and her music is the voice of a generation while her fans eagerly await her next move.

Who is this mystery artist?


DJ Adaa

DJ ADAA is an Indian DJ, producer, and remixer. She is known for her soulful sound and electrifying performances. She has toured all over the world and has gained a loyal following.

DJ ADAA had always been an outcast in the industry from the start. All the other artists were monopolistic and she refused to join them.

She kept fighting all the odds alone and became one of India’s most powerful and most loved female artists. She is now, the first preference for clubs and big-fat Indian weddings.

DJ Adaa is an artist who truly understands the art of DJing. She has an innate ability to read a crowd and craft a set that is always unique and memorable.

Her sets are never the same twice, and she always manages to surprise and delight her listeners with her wide range of eclectic sounds. Her sets are always a breath of fresh air, and they are always sure to get the crowd dancing.

Some of DJ ADAA’s most popular tracks include “Aarambh hai Pranchad-remix”, “Sajana aa Bhi Jaa-remix”, “Fir se udd chala-remix” and “Rare-remix.” She is a rising star in the Commercial music scene and is sure to make even more waves in the years to come.

In addition to her work as a DJ, ADAA is also a music producer. She has produced tracks for other Artists, as well as her original music.

What do People say About DJ Adaa?

“Her DJ sets are always a journey, always surprising and never the same twice.” – Resident DJ

“She has a unique, identifiable sound that’s hard to pin down.” – Fans
“Her sets are always a breath of fresh air.” – Fans

“If there’s one thing we can always count on from Adaa, it’s an unpredictable and eclectic set.” – Resident DJ

“I recently used ADAA’s services for a corporate event and she was fabulous! Not only was she punctual and professional, but her energy and enthusiasm were infectious. She was able to keep the group engaged and entertained for the entire event. I would highly recommend DJ ADAA for any event.” – Client

Follow DJ Adaa on Instagram to know more about her; @djadaaofficial

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