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Shefali Sharma From Bani – Ishq Da Kalma to Toofan Singh and Sanjog

Shefali Sharma

About Shefali Sharma

Shefali Sharma is an Indian actress from Amritsar. She was born and brought up in a typical Punjabi joint family. They are a total of 12 kids in the family and her childhood has been full of “Masti and Mazaa” (Fun & Joy), but at the same time, they were given values by their parents.

“My dad has really worked Very hard to give us a nice upbringing, Shefali says.

Shefali Sharma Shefali Sharma

Early Life

When we ask Shefali Sharma to share about her Journey, She said;

“I have been doing theatre in school and college. when I was studying fashion design my sir told me that a few ppl have come from Bombay for an audition for a big-time show television. he asked me to go and give the auditions and it was wintertime. I was very skeptical to go out in the cold and had my exams also the next day but he kept insisting and finally, my dad took me for the audition.”

Shefali Sharma gave her audience and came back and the next day, she had her exams so she went to college for the same. After exams when she saw her phone, she had many missed calls and messages and some of them were from her dad. She panicked! She called him and he said, “You are selected and they want you to come to Mumbai tomorrow.”

Everything happened so fast. We spoke to the principal. We packed my bags and the next thing I knew I was playing lead in Colors Bani – Ishq Da Kalma. Shefali Sharma added.

This is where she met Varun who was the creative supervisor on the show. She always found of him. He is a sweet, simple,& grounded person. The next thing; he proposed to her and they decided to tie the knot.

“God has been kind and I kept getting projects and shows one after the other and then I took a break from television as I wanted to do something in my mother tongue Punjabi. You can say give it back in whatever capacity to my land where I was born and I did Toofan Singh with Ranjit Bawa.” She added.

And after another Punjabi movie, she returned to Television Industry and her Last show Sanjog on Zee5 just wrapped up.

Shefali Sharma concludes the interview with this; “Well after a daily soap all u want to do is chill rest sleep and having done that I am back to work..have been offered a few projects so just trying to zero down and finalize what is best for me.”

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