DJ Infodeep- DJ by Passion and a Sound Engineer by Ability


DJ Infodeep- DJ by passion and a Sound Engineer by Ability

They have their fans singing the lyrics to their tunes, tapping their feet in sync with the beats, and grooving to their music. “Among several popular genres that have seen the rise of new artists owning them and slaying it with their befitting compositions, Electronic Dance Music or EDM is one of the go-to genres for those who enjoy letting lose and moving to the melody and rhythm of a composition”, says DJ Infodeep, Sandeep Rajput, who’s a seasoned Bollywood DJ/Musician by passion and a Sound Engineer by qualification known in the Mumbai circuit.

DJs are at the helm of these EDM events hosted at almost every nightclub, college and music fest, and even private parties. House, Techno, Deep House, and Commercial are some of the popular genres that fall under EDM.

About DJ Infodeep

DJ Infodeep has an undying passion for music which started at the young age of just 5 when he used to listen to Hindi movie songs and saw many local DJs making people go wild over their performances.

He instantly took a fascination with this wide range of electronically-produced sounds and started experimenting more with them. He fondly recalls witnessing one of his DJ friends playing to a packed set of over 500 people at one of these nightclubs and being awed at the sight of them swaying and moving their bodies to his thumpy mixes, leaving them wanting for more.


Journey of an Artist

In the past 12 years of being active in the music scene, he’s played at venues ranging from college music fests to some of the most happening nightclubs namely The Warehouse Lounge, Indulge, etc. in and around Goa.

His specialty lies in fusing some of the most memorable and loved Bollywood songs themed on love, heartbreak, and friendship with melancholic synth melodies and punchy rhythm. He draws inspiration from a variety of Indian and International artists and has successfully carved a niche in the Bollywood remix scene which featured some of the best Bollywood songs of 2016.

Many remixes DJ Infodeep recently released one Track namely, “Om Namahstute” which is available on all major music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music among others. He is currently working on a bunch of original compositions.

As the restrictions on nightclubs and parties are returning to normalcy, DJ Infodeep is gearing up to blow your minds with some of his latest edits & remixes.

When he’s off stage, he is a kind and shy person who chills with fellow DJs supporting them and spending time with his school time buddies. He prefers leading a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Where to Find DJ Infodeep?

To catch up on all the latest updates on his event & music, follow him on all his social media channels (@djinfodeep) and Facebook (@djinfodeep). Also, Subscribe to his Youtube Channel for Latest Remixes (@djinfodeep). If he’s performing anywhere near your city, do drop by to have the best musical experience.