DJ Panache Dubai – The Powerhouse of Talent & Charm

DJ Panache Dubai

DJ Panache Dubai – The Powerhouse of Talent, Vibrant & Charming

The youngest female DJ in Dubai, DJ Panache Dubai has a dynamic personality. She makes the dance floor lively with her ingenious set. This young artist showed that age has nothing to do with the knowledge one can have.

This phenomenal DJ is very well equipped and knowledgeable to make a power-packed musical journey that will grasp the pulse of her audience.

Always Keeps Looking for Inspiration – DJ Panache Dubai

One such song of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “Dil Pe Zakham” struck a chord with her and she instantly knew where she had to channel her inspiration. She decided to make her version of “Dil Pe Zakham” with Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals. Her new track has been released worldwide and is available on all leading digital platforms. The whole idea behind this track was the influence she perceived from the music in Dubai from different cultures in combination with her knowledge of classical music.

From a very young age, she was exposed to classical music, which defined the path of her magnificent journey to create something of her own style which had a reflection of classical as well as western music. She had a knack for learning new music genres which lead her on a journey of massive search of establishments with fine authentic music genres.

DJ Panache Dubai

Awards & Achievements

Award-winning DJ would study each genre separately for several intervals of time to gain expertise in them, which is why she has expertise in every genre she performs. Her extensive journey in this male-dominated industry is spectacular.

Her new release is a fine gem that is making waves among the audience as well as music producers. This track had also a worldwide premiere on Dubai’s well-established and popular radio station Vibe FM 105.4. This dexterous artist had a record-breaking number of pre-release saves.

She is also known for her release with labels such as Zee Music and Weez Music. She has also managed to gain some fame among celebrities like Shaan, Starboy LOC, Divine, Sanjeev Kapoor, and many more with her music by performing for their private events. She has also performed for the Atif Aslam concert in Dubai.

This powerhouse of talent was also awarded “Best Female DJ” by the prestigious Filmfare Middle East. From her infectious smile to her ability to engage with the crowd, DJ Panache’s liver performance makes her set around the vibe leaving everyone charmed.

First RunnerUp Winner for the title "BEST DJ 2022" by Filmfare Middle East @filmfareme Arab Asia Starz Award!!

Fabulous DJ is not only ruling the stage but ruling many hearts leaving them enchanted with her talent. With her versatility and passion, she has proved that she is not just a basic artist but a captivating performer.

In conclusion, DJ Panache Dubai is a promising artist among the new generation and her music style is to look out for her shows are a top-notch affair, which you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

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